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A brand messaging studio devoted to sharing your story.

West River

We're a brand messaging and content creation studio that focuses on sharing your story through website copy, email marketing, social media management, and authentic brand photography that actually looks and feels like you. But no matter what exactly we're working on, we're always driven by a single belief: That there's power in sharing our stories. And we'd be honored to help you tell yours.

Helping you grow your business by telling your story well.

About us

Every business has a story to tell, one that actually shares the value you offer your clients and helps set you apart from the competition. The trick is in uncovering that story and sharing it in every communication you have with your audience: On your website, in your emails, at a Monday morning meeting. Because at the end of the day, your brand is really a culmination of the stories you tell and the experiences you offer. 

You created a business because you wanted to make a difference. Let's make sure you're telling that story.

So let's tell your story with intention and purpose and make sure it feels like an experience worth listening to. 

We love all kinds of stories, but we particularly love telling stories for creative businesses or nonprofits who are driven by a mission and committed to adding value to their communities.

The stories we love to tell

"It has been an incredible experience working with West River Studios this past year. Sarah has consistently delivered the highest quality work and gone above and beyond for us as a client. I wholeheartedly recommend West River Studios!"

— Brent Holsinger, On the Road Collaborative

I’m a writer turned photographer turned digital marketer—which might seem like a weird path but let me explain. 

If there's been a single constant in my life, it's been my love of storytelling, which is why I was first drawn to writing and how I ended up being a journalist, writing stories about individuals and businesses for a newspaper. But after writing and editing professionally for five years, I felt drawn to a different way of communicating and decided to pick up a camera, which became my first venture into entrepreneurship.

Yet, there I was, running a photography business, but spending most of my days writing all of the blog posts, emails, and social posts that I needed to actually market and grow my business. I kept hearing from other small business owners how much they hated this part of being a business owner (and by that, I mean all the writing and marketing), but I realized that I was positioned well—as a writer, photographer, and lover of good stories—to create the kinds of content that a small business owner needs to share their story and build a recognizable brand so they can grow their business.

And that's exactly why West River was created: To share the stories of business owners like you. 

Sarah Featherstone

FOUNDEr + Creative director:

West River was actually named for Sarah's two sons, but she soon realized that it also referenced the location of our studio, which is located West of the Shenandoah River. We preach the importance of small businesses and building community, and we love the place and community we get to call home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

But we liked the name even better when we realized that it also speaks to the idea of what we truly do: help people find direction and move forward in their business. And if we help you do that, then we've done our job!

So the name truly has three meanings, and we knew that would be a story worth telling.

West River 

What's with the name?

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