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Building the foundation

With every project, we begin by clarifying and defining your brand messaging. (Think mission, vision, values—because yes, you should have those, no matter what kind of business you are.) Developing your brand message and putting it all in a clearly outlined Brand Message Book helps us then determine the stories you should be telling and the types of content you should be sharing. Because with a solid foundation, we can see the best way forward. 

With every project, this is where we begin. 

The brand message framework

If you run a business with a team or staff, our Brand Message Workshops help get everyone on the same page. We'll work together to craft a message framework that everyone can get excited about!



After we craft your brand messaging, our team will further develop it in your own Brand Message Book, which will guide all future content that's created to share your story and market your business. 


After we determine the message you want to be sharing, we'll look at any pre-existing content to determine the gaps that need to be filled and develop a plan that will outline where and how to share your story online. 

Content strategy



"Partnering with West River Studios has meant so much to us at On the Road Collaborative. We now have an incredible Brand Message Book that unites everyone across our organization and helps us share the On the Road story in a clear, consistent and compelling way with others."

— Brent Holsinger, executive director

Our Favorite Posts on Developing Your Message

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Our Brand Message framework

Get the framework we use with all of our clients, and for ourselves!

Which part of building a brand comes first?

The 5 major components of a brand and which one to focus on first.

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