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October 1, 2020

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When it comes to creating and managing the types of content you want to be producing for your brand, having the right tools is essential. 

Below, we discuss some of our favorite tools in our content management toolkit and how you can use them in your business. 


Dubsado: Business Management Software

As a service-based business, we knew we needed a Client Relationship Management software (CRM) to help us stay organized with communications and handle proposals and contracts. We tried a few in the past that served us well, but as we grew, we knew we needed a more robust system. 

And that’s how we landed on Dubsado! It’s a  CRM, CMS, and Workflow Automation: all in one!



Dubsado’s main purpose is to help you cut out the busywork! This amazingly robust system helps you build relationships with clients, create workflows + systems, schedule appointments, + answer emailsall in one place!⁠

If there’s anything you find yourself doing repeatedly in your business, you can create a workflow for that! You can also create templates for emails, proposals, and contracts so it’s ready to go for the projects that are similar in nature.

Dubsado also has a great team that offers demos and free training to help you get set up. 

If you’re interested in getting Dubsado, you can sign up right here for an additional 20% off!


Asana: Project Management Software

Another tool that has been essential to developing a streamlined workflow has been a project management tool for our team. We love Asana and would recommend to anyone who manages multiple ongoing projects, especially with team members. 

Asana was designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work, all in one place. There are a variety of ways of looking at your projectsincluding list view, calendar view, timelines view, and as a trello boardso no matter how you like to work, there is a view for you!



We use it to map out all of our projects for our business, as well as for clients. Then, each step of the process can be assigned to a team member and given a deadline. There’s also a handy “comment” tool so your team can communicate as you’re working through the project. 

As a project progresses, you can visually keep track of where everyone is in the project, which helps you streamline the process and hit your deadlines on time (or adjust when needed). 




We believe email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and grow a community online, but to do it well, you need an email marketing software—preferably one that will allow you to create workflows and embedded forms. 

At West River, we use Flodesk and love it! Flodesk is one of the newest platforms on the block, but it allows you to create beautiful email campaigns that help you grow your business. And do it without breaking the bank. 



Plus, it’s one of the most intuitive email builders out there (and we’ve tried almost all of them), so it’s great for beginners and experts alike!

To try Flodesk for 50% off, sign up here! 



When it comes to creating social media posts and other marketing materials, we are big fans of Canva. It’s super intuitive and is usually robust enough to meet your needs (especially, if you’re not a designer by trade). 

We use Canva to create Instagram and Facebook posts, e-books, PDFs, graphics, and practically anything else that we need for visual content — both for ourselves and our clients. 



And when you pay for the premium version, you can save all of your brand colors and fonts directly to your Brand Kit and create folders for various kinds of projects. Totally worth it! 




If you want to be consistent on social media, utilizing a social media scheduler is key. We use Later for our own feeds, as well as all of our social media clients, and won’t be switching anytime soon!

Later allows you to visually plan your social posts, publish automatically, and get tailored insights to help you reach more people. And it’s as simple as drag-and-drop! 



Later allows you to connect up to four social platforms and schedule at least a month’s worth of content at one time. For paid versions, you can also add a Linkin.bio, which allows you to link your Instagram photos and direct your audience to specific URLs, as well as additional analytics as you work on your social media strategy.

For our purposes, we personally can’t live without the “preview” mode for Instagram, which allows you to see how your feed will look once your posts are published. This is so important if you want to pay careful attention to the aesthetics of your feed (which we think you should be doing, always). 


Google Drive


Okay, we know … we’re not sharing any groundbreaking news. But we seriously couldn’t live without Google Drive. It’s where we create our first drafts of everything and back up all of our writing projects, and it’s how we most easily collaborate with clients. 

We really utilize the organizational ability of Google Drive by creating separate folders for each client we work with and then creating subfolders for each component or stage of a project. Then, we can easily share a written piece with a client and garner any feedback quickly and efficiently. 



One of the things we also love about Google Drive is that it easily syncs with so many other apps, including Dubsado. When we create Client Portals in our Dubsado system, we can create a link to a client’s Google Drive so they can have a shared folder for our work together. 

If you find yourself creating and managing a lot of content, check out these tools and see how they can help you streamline the process so you can share your story more often! 


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