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I'm passionate about helping fellow small business owners tell their stories and reach their marketing goals. My experience owning a business, along with my time working in professional marketing, has taught me the importance of brand-driven content, and I founded West River Studios to help others produce and publish the types of content they need in their businesses.  

As a copywriter and photographer, I am uniquely positioned to oversee both textual and visual messaging and content creation. In today's digital world, these two forms of communication always go hand-in-hand, and having a single creative who can think strategically about your visual and textual online presence is beneficial when creating a cohesive, content-driven brand. 

West River Studios is a culminating chapter in my story, and I'd be honored to help you tell yours. 

I’m a writer turned photographer turned digital marketer—which might seem like a weird path but let me explain. 

If there's been a single constant in my life, it's been my love of storytelling, which is why I was first drawn to writing and how I ended up being a journalist, writing stories about individuals and businesses for a newspaper. My training taught me how to take facts and turn them into a compelling story, and my experience made me realize the power in telling those stories.

But after writing and editing professionally for five years, I felt drawn to a different way of communicating and decided to pick up a camera. Soon, I started my first official business as a professional photographer, where I focused on visual storytelling.

Taking photos and serving clients was a dream, but I soon realized that my business would only grow if I had a defined brand message and solid marketing plan that would help me discuss my services, reach my clients, and build connections online—something that doesn't always feel easy in today’s digital world. I leaned a lot on my previous writing experience to help me craft more meaningful messages and build a cohesive brand, and realized how much I loved merging the two worlds of writing and photography.

Yet, I was often told by other small business owners that they loathed this part of running a business, either feeling consumed by how much time it all took or feeling the pains of neglecting the marketing side of their business. They knew they needed help, or just wanted someone to point them in the right direction, but didn't want to feel like just another number working with a large firm. 

And that's why West River Studios was created—to meet the marketing needs of small business owners and fellow creative entrepreneurs.  

A small business owner with big goals, just like you. 

Hi, I'm Sarah.



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